In iLife (Chuwi) V7, V7S robots 4 beeps mean that the brush is not rotating and vacuum requires clean up. If you already did the normal clean up (clean main brush, dust bin, side brush, center wheel) and your robot vacuum still encounters the same issue of suddenly stopping backing up and beeping 4 times it means that this time you need to clean the main brush motor. Something stops it from spinning.

In this manual you'll find tearing down and fixing robot vacuum iLife V7S. The issue fixed is continuous stopping with 4 beeps even with new brushes and vacuum cleaned.


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Turn off bottom swith
  • Turn off bottom swith

  • Remove dust bin

  • Flip your vacuum upside down

  • remove main brush (already removed on the pic.)

  • remove center wheel (pull out), wipe center wheel IR sensor (dark plastic drop under the wheel), remove all hairs and dust from the wheel. The wheel can be separated from the larger base by further pulling it out from it's round base

  • unscrew and remove side brush (upper right)

  • remove screws from all bottom seats, two top in the middle will have plastic tubes that will need to be removed to release front bumper

  • Remove battery door screw, battery door (below center wheel on photo) and remove the battery unplugging it first and pulling on special loop.

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when 2 screws removed (larger holes on the photo) gently pull the front bumper out of the vacuum.
  • when 2 screws removed (larger holes on the photo) gently pull the front bumper out of the vacuum.

  • carefully pull on the wires and unplug the connector

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  • Remove top cover

  • remove screws (larger two on the sides outside the board)

  • remove "bumper" arms, be careful don't lose the springs (on the photo the board is already removed as described in the next step)

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  • unplug wire connectors from the front of the board and remove 4 screws holding it in place

  • Flip the board to the other side to access the main brush motor

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  • Now you should see something like this

  • Unplug the power wire from the motor and put it aside, memorize how it was installed

  • One all other parts were removed from the way you can put your vacuum on the side of the table or on your knees and start pulling out the motor tray from the bottom of the unit

  • Use your fingers to push the transparent flap through the opening while pulling the tray out

  • With the motor tray removed from the unit unscrew three white screws from the side of the tray to open the main gear and the belt, remove all dust and hairs and unscrew 2 small screws holding the motor

  • With the motor removed use tweezers, needle or anything that works to remove hairs and dust from behind the motor gear. Once everything is cleaned and tidy apply some WD40 to the bottom of plastic gear and perhaps put a drop behind the motor gear. DO NOT SPRAY it on the motor or inside the motor. This could make a fire hazard!

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  • Assemble the unit following the tear down steps backwards.

  • You're done! The vacuum works!

  • While your vacuum is back to work grab some cold beer from the fridge and crack open a tallboy.

  • Enjoy your beer while your robot vacuum does it's job.

  • You're awesome!

  • Thank you for checking out my manual!

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Thanks for did it!, I’ll try do this, I hope won’t screw up :)

Gil Vazquez - Antwort

Good luck! Just be gentle with the board and make sure to remove all hairs from behind the motor gear. Also on Step 5 pic #2 you can check the gears in the side part of the brush housing (three small screws). There is a small possibility some dust made its way there too. There is a belt inside, that could be tricky to put back in place but nothing difficult.

Also you can tune your vacuum by removing the ballast extending work time and making it easier for robot to move around. You’ll find ballast behind the brush tray close to the vacuum fan. The ballast is 5x5x0.5cm metal plate attached with double sided tape inside the vacuum. All you need to do is stick something sharp between the ballast and the side of the tray and remove the double sided tape. After the tape is loose gently pull out the ballast up with pliers. Removing ballast will make your robot ~100gm lighter that equals to a full tray of dust and hairs. Robot will run betterweeping longer on a single charge.

Slava -

Check this link to see what the ballast looks like:

What is inside Chuwi Ilife V7 vacuum cleaner?

See step 2 pic #2, the ballast is the silverish plate pictured behind the wires on the photo.

Slava -

Thank you for your detailed description. This saved my (i)life!

LoveMyIlife - Antwort


After repairing the robot goes onli back and stop after 5 seconds

Yancho Panayotov - Antwort

Does the main brush work? Please check whether all wires are connected correctly. Also take a look at the IR sensors underneath. It looks like your robot reacts as if it approaches the edge of the stairs or your main brush is still stuck.

Slava - Antwort

I have this unit and the power wire does not disconnect from the motor. It disconnects from the board. Unfortunately I now have soldering to do when I was at near the last step because I was convinced you were correct.

Iam Somad - Antwort

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