Speziell für diesen Teardown benötigte Werkzeuge

Dieser Teardown ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein toshiba satellite pro T130-138 zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

  1. turn off your computer for safety reasons
    • turn off your computer for safety reasons

  2. flip the computer over and remove the 12 philips 0 screws this will make the keyboard and trackpad part free
    • flip the computer over and remove the 12 philips 0 screws this will make the keyboard and trackpad part free

    • then unscrew the two philips 0 screws guarding the 2 RAM boards

    • you can remove the 2 RAM boards by lifting them up

    • here we have two beautiful RAM boards

    • by unscrewing these 2 star screws size 6 we can lift the hard disk plate.

    • the hard disk is secured by two philips 0 screws

    • unscrew the hard disk screws

    • and use the spudger to slide the hard disk out

    • pull it up and put it aside

    • slide the two plastic pieces holding the battery

    • and pull it out

    • you will have to take all these silver philips 0 screws

    • but for the next step remove the ones I am pointing

    • use a spudger to remove the bezel

    • remove the 2 philips 0 screws and get the keyboard out with a spudger

    • lift the black plastic and pull the cable out

    • follow the same process to disconnect the trackpad, button and lights.

    • you will end up with something like this

    • you have to take this screw located on the RAM boards connector

    • use a spudger to lift the top off, go all around the laptop and you'll get it off

    • It looks really beautiful!

    • this is not a step I am not going deeper into this so I don't break anything you can go if you want.

    • anything that you do that is not shown in the teardown is at your own risk

    • the inside contains

    • two speakers

    • one cooler

    • ports

    • screen connector

    • and a giant interesting motherboard

    • oh and don't forget about the memory card reader

    • here we disconnect the battery slot

    • and we get the card reader connector out

    • such as the screen

    • remove the rest of the cables

    • some of the cables are glued to the mother board don't remove them

    • remove the mother board screws

    • the screen connector is secured by 2 philips 0 screws

    • if you did what I did you will end up like this

    • I don't want to go deeper because I don't want to take the risk of breaking or damaging the computer

    • if you go deeper it's at your own risk

    • I will give it an 8/10

    • after removing the screws everything is easy to remove

    • the top, bezels and keyboard come easy off

    • some of the cables and components are fragile with makes it harder to remove

    • the track pad is covered with a sticky plastic with makes it harder to tear down

    • any components that are not well connected can make the computer not function well.

    • the opening tools are there if you want to disconnect some cables that are hard to disconnect

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you should take the battery out first, you might shock yourself

Luke Legg - Antwort

So you took the HDD out before the battery… but you turned off the computer for safety reasons.

Isaac Sastre - Antwort

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