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Who am I?

I am an artist, tinkerer, husband, and foodie. Despite the harsh rumours, I was neither grown in a lab or raised by wolves. I grew up on a small ranch in northern California, where my parents ran an IT business out of the house. I probably complained about having to do farm chores every day before school, but in my free time, I was turned loose upon a world of books, gadgets, and a five-acre playground. I spent my formative years developing a love of nature, technology, and beauty that affects the way I see the world today.

What do I do?

My wife calls me a renaissance man. I’ve spent most of my career seeking out and latching onto new skills. I’ve worked as a bronze fabricator and apprenticed for a gallery artist/tai chi instructor. When I haven’t been playing with fire and metal, I’ve been doing electrical and IT work or programming smart homes. I now have the privilege of working as a technical writer for iFixit’s EDU department. I write repair guides, work on teardowns, and help teach technical writing to college students. Basically, my job is awesome!

In my off hours, I spend a lot of time playing board games, reading, sketching, and bingeing on comic books. I spend a lot of evenings trying out new recipes and chatting with my wife about short story ideas over dinner. When I have the time, I’ll take a bronze casting class or find a fun project that forces me to learn a new skill. I’m currently trying to find a good space for my blacksmith anvil, as the sound of a hammer working metal tends to overrun your average condominium complex.

Details for my biographer

I’m a lover of science fiction, dumb jokes, and spicy foods. I did a 4th-grade book report on Huxley’s Brave New World. I had a mullet in high school and a mohawk in college. I’ve never read a Harry Potter novel. I once had a close call with a 3,500-pound sculpture and the business end of a crane.

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