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My name is Nick & I started repairing gadgets while I was at uni in 2012. My first repair was a an iPhone 3GS followed by a Blackberry Storm 2. After a few more successful repairs I was asked by friends and family to procure parts and fix their phones, soon I was selling parts online & then repairing on an all but full time basis from home. Once I finished uni I opened up a store in Parnell, Auckland & gradually grew to taking on technicians and recently opening a store in Wanaka in the south island, with more stores planned for 2015.

One of our USP's is that we only procure high quality original parts, there are many low cost repair companies in the market, and while there is a space for them, we are not happy with the quality of parts due to their lower user experience, high fail rate within 6 months and lower build quality.

In New Zealand the most common repair is an iPhone screen replacement followed closely by and iPad screen repair. Samsung Galaxy phones are are also quite popular yet we do not see the volume of screen repairs, this could be due to the fact some repairers offer a glass only replacement service, I blogged about this repair technique here, but for us its not a repair we are comfortable doing due to quality issues. As of 2014 we branched out in macbook & laptop computer repair which has been a slow but consistent unit of growth for us. When compared to iPads we find assessment & repairability of issues generally easier. The links above take you to our website which detail our repair techniques and expands on the comments made in our blog.

Nick Kane


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