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Where I'm from...

I moved to the Central Coast (or is it Southern California Coast?) in 2015 thanks to iFixit. Before that I was located in a small Northern California town called Shasta Lake City. Prior to working with iFixit I ran and operated my own small business fixing phones, tablets, computers and whatever else came to me. I went to the University of Nevada Reno (Go Wolf Pack!) and majored in Public Speaking.


My first repair was on an iPod Touch and was unsuccessful, however that one repair was all it took to spark a passion for fixing things. As I grew in my experience and expertise I began interacting with larger organization in the area securing local contracts with Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon and a handful of local repair shops. I screwed up a few devices, paid some unfortunate customers a few hundred dollars and learned from the experience.

Through it all I maintained a great relationship with my mentors and my customers. I understand that we all have a wealth of knowledge that we just want to give to someone willing to listen and learn with a bit of humility. For me, if knowledge is power, then I'm a power hungry kind of guy.

What I Do...

When I'm not working I like to help people out by fixing their things. My ultimate goal is in line with iFixit's in that I want to see less things thrown away or shoved in a drawer. There's immense value in the things we already own, we just have to recognize it.

Beyond fixing I enjoy hiking quite a bit. I've traveled up and down the State of California hitting every trail I can find the time to do, and making lists of things I will do. More recently I've done:

Castle Crags State Park (in the Winter!)

Block Image

Burney Falls

Block Image

Knapp's Castle

Block Image

Sequoia National Park

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And so much more. I love meeting new people and having new experiences. To follow my life check out my Facebook (http://facebook.com/cvneutron).

I leave you with this: "The mountains are calling, and I must go." ~ John Muir

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