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I started working as a repair technician after some brief training with a company called AST Computers back in 1997 and eventually ended up grinding out laptop and tablet repairs for Radio Shack's repair depot located in Fort Worth, Texas. I spent 5 years with them before the continual layoffs caught up to me. Two months later I went to work for a company called Flextronics as a technical analyzer supporting the front and back end of production of the Moto X. That lasted for three months before another round of layoffs put me back in the ranks of the unemployed. Feeling discouraged as one might expect I had to change my outlook on life. Despite my fears I started planning on my own repair business. I landed a job as manager for a large cell phone repair company in town for a year, parted on good terms, and began upstart of a new small business.

Now I am into my fourth year and still trending upwards to my delight.

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