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Othman Almuqri


Eastern Washington University (EWU)

Cheney, WA


Who Am I?

My name is Othman Almuqri, a student at EWU studying electrical engineering. I am minoring in math and possibly in physics. I have been attending EWU(Eastern Washington University) since Summer of 2013. I went to the English school for one year in Bellevue College. Furthermore, I studied in WWU for almost six months before transferring to EWU. In addition, I am graduating from EWU in the Spring of 2017. I like to work with groups because it helps me to see other points of views and learn new things; even though working with groups sometimes have few disadvantages. Furthermore, I am a very quiet person, but I am a very good listener. I have a little experience of repairing and fixing stuff which I hope it will help me with our project. Few years ago my sister laptop broke and she felt bad about it, but then I tried to explore and tried to attempt to fix it to make her happy. I gladly after few days fixed it and it worked just like it used to, so I hope this experience will help me and my group in our project. I am excited about it.

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