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My name is Mariska Gramlow, currently I am majoring in Visual Communication and Design at Eastern Washington University. I also studied Communications, I now have a minor in this field. I am now going on my fourth year here in Cheney. In hopes to graduate in the Fall Quarter of 2016. The skills I have for this project is experience in working with others and my minor in Communications definitely is a bonus. My design skills and background are also going to be a benefit in this as we continue through this project. Communication is the key to accomplishing any task with a group.

The experience that I have would be fixing items that I had broken and found ways to overcome that boundary. As a designer there are problems that occur quite often. When this happens, in order to finish an assignment or task, we need to be able to find a solution as quick as possible and in an efficient manner. Common issues are found on website forums in which others have experienced the same issue and have found one or more solutions to resolve this issue. By trial and error a vast majority of problems can be fixed.