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Who the heck is Annie? Let me tell you!

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A little bit of my background

I come from a small(ish) town in Washington called Tumwater. It's right next to the state capitol so I guess it's not that small, it just feels like it compared to California cities. I was raised in a bilingual household where my dad spoke English and my mom German, so I'm actually fluent in both!

I went to a very accurately nick-named high school which was referred to as "cow pie high". We had a farm as our next door neighbor who kept a giant pile of manure as fertilizer, how great...Needless to say I wanted to get far away from that place, and what better than sunny California?

I ended up choosing Cal-Poly not only for their super duper awesome Aerospace engineering program, but also for the area. I believe San Luis Obispo is a perfect place for everything I enjoy doing.

Things I do for fun and relaxation

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I never used to be an outdoorsy person because I despise rain, but since coming here the outdoors has earned a spot in my heart. My favorite things to do when I'm feeling stressed are mountain biking and hiking. When I need a getaway I love going camping - whether it be hammock camping or tenting. Montana De Oro is one of my go-to spots for all of the above - which is why it's so awesome!! It has my favorite biking trail, beach spots and hammocking spots.

Totally unrelated, but I also love dogs, so I go to Woods Humane Society regularly to show some pups a bit of love.

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What I plan on doing with my life

At some point in the next few years I plan on graduating college with a degree in Aerospace engineering. I am super passionate about interplanetary travel and would love to see someone conquer Mars (not me I'm too scared). However I so totally want to be the first woman to land on the moon.

On a more attainable level, I want to work at a research facility preferably in Colorado working on developing vessels capable of taking humans to deep space, because how cool would that be??

But for now, I'm just an undergrad who has some big dreams.

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