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Head of Translation & Community at iFixit

Hi! I’m Sandra Hiller and I joined iFixit back in October 2016 as Translations Department Head. In addition to that, I took over the Lead in Community Management in early 2020. iFixit aspires to be the world’s primary source for repair information and I want to support our translation and community teams in their quest that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to access and understand iFixit‘s content and participate in and contribute to all aspects of iFixit‘s community – no matter what language they speak or what cultural background they have. Born into a family with a German father and a French mother, multi-language communication and the recognition of different cultures has been a focal point for me since a very young age.


I received a diploma in International Business Administration from ESA, and have further qualifications in Romance Languages, and Political Sciences from the University of Stuttgart. In those early years during and after my education, I was eager to broaden my view and improve my language skills, and as I didn’t want to limit this to tourist only activities, I volunteered for a workcamp in Turkey, made an internship in France, and took on temporary posts in Greece and Spain later.


I look back on 22 years of professional experience, most of which I spent in the position of executive assistant, e.g. with L’Oréal, ERAI, NUM AG, Witt Weiden, and Human Connection. I worked as a teacher and department head with Helen Doron for over 2 years, and was an export agent with ProGlass for over 4 years. The tasks and industries varied quite a bit, so that I gained deep insights into very different areas of business, but of course, translation and foreign language communication have always stayed a focus.

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When I first learned about the concept of repair revolution, I was immediately hooked and soon after, I managed to start off a Repair Café in my home town. More about that can be found here and here. iFixit was a great help back then and when I got the chance to put my talents at their service, I felt this was the perfect place for me.

My Favorite Piece of Tech…

… is my iPad Air. Not because I’m very convinced by it’s ecological design, but simply because I use it every day and find it very practical. We must have changed the front panel 3 or 4 times already, and I believe it’ll soon be time for a new battery, but I am determined to keep it alive as long as I can.

More About Me

I have a 17 year old son who will graduate from high school this year. I’m thrilled that I shall be witnessing his first steps into the “real world” and so excited to accompany his orientation. We have two cats, and are both big Harry Potter fans. I enjoy getting outdoors whenever I can, especially hiking and gardening, and of course I like traveling.

Where Else to Find Me

You can find me on Facebook and for more details on my mostly irrelevant-to-repair resume you can find me on LinkedIn.

Ensuring Quality Repair Information on iFixit

Both the translation and the community team contribute to making iFixit the best source for repair. Learn more about the content review process that makes it possible.

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