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Content Creator, Photographer at iFixit

Hi, my name is Dominik and I've been working at iFixit since 2016. My journey at iFixit began with a one-week temp job in the shipping warehouse. Thanks to my photography and editing experience, I was asked if I might enjoy working on the EU content team. So I transitioned from shipping to the content department where I now create guides and work on teardowns for devices like the iPhone 12 mini, the Apple TV 4K 2021, and the Nothing ear (1). With my graphic design background, I'm always trying to make guides and teardowns look even better by giving them a little bit more magic.


After graduating from school, I studied communication design at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, Germany for 8 years and got my university degree there. During my studies I was involved in graphic design, editorial design, illustration, photography, printing, bookbinding techniques, and typography. The Adobe Creative Cloud is therefore my constant companion. In addition to my job at iFixit, I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2019.


Prior to my permanent position, I worked at iFixit Europe for almost 5 years as an intern, creating guides and teardowns. Along the way, I worked with my team to continuously improve the quality of our content. During my time at iFixit I have authored over 400 guides and teardowns and contributed to more than 2,000 on our website.

Favorite Fixes

My favorite fix is an ongoing project, as I'm currently busy restoring and rebuilding my dad's 1974 Hercules MK3M without any prior knowledge.

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Aside from that, I was insanely proud to open and reassemble my shared flat’s washing machine after I thought it was a good idea to wash a shower curtain without first removing the hanging hooks (don’t do that!). One of the hooks disappeared into the depths of the washing machine, leaving me with a horrible noise as the drum spun. Since I had only dealt with tiny electronics before, this repair, which is rather simple in itself, took away my fear of disassembling and repairing large appliances. These experiences have shown me that really anyone can repair and should have the right to do so and I am happy to contribute to the process of making repair more accessible and easier for everyone!

More About Me

Besides my work at iFixit, I'm currently doing a lot of illustrations, both freelance and personal. I'm a sports enthusiast and during the summer you can usually find me outside playing table tennis, frisbee, or something similar. My biggest passion — which accompanies me all year round — is bouldering. There are few things that leave me with a better feeling than finally solving a bouldering project after many sessions. I am a big experimental cooking fan, I read books from time to time (preferably Haruki Murakami) and daydream about my distant future dog!

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