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I refurbish Smartphones, mainly iPhones full time at ITRenew in Newark, CA. After a year at ITRenew, I got hired to repair/refurb all the work phones for the Facebook in Menlo Park. I did that for a year at Facebook then got hired at Phone Box. I now run my own Mobile/Mail in Smart Device Repair. I come to you same day in the Bay Area. Same Day repairs. Hard OLED on iPhone X models & Up.

I have repaired minimum 10,000 devices ranging from phones, tablets, to laptops & computers.

I also build Custom Desktops.

Send me a message for any inquires and/or questions.

hardbreakezfixsupport@protonmail.com - https://forms.gle/wGvDuahuMW4tahEx7


send me a DM on Instagram.

*If you are doing a mail in repair we will cover domestic shipping FREE.

Instagram : @Hard.Break.EZ.fix

I also trade Crypto-Currencies & run a CryptoCurrency discord with 800+ members.

Peons United - https://discord.gg/ZdFFqMT6m3

I am a huge supporter of Monero & Bitcoin.

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