Hello, my name is Mykel Vanek. I am a senior at Eastern Washington University and I am completing two Bachelor Degrees in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, and Visual Communication/Design. I have been at Eastern since 2013 and will graduate with both of my degrees spring quarter 2018. I am the Web and Media Designer for the College of Social Sciences at EWU, as well as FosteringWA, and Fostering Idaho, two statewide departments. I am the Public Relations/Fundraising/Media Specialist, as well as a counselor, for a local nonprofit summer camp for cancer survivors, Camp Journey @ Ross Point. I am also a freelance designer in my spare time.

I worked as an I.T. Specialist at the helpdesk for EWU, which gave me skills that could be valuable throughout this quarter. Being a designer, I am constantly problem solving and doing DIY projects/repairs. I have worked on cars, rifles, electronics, and much more throughout my life and have a broad set of skills from my experiences. I am experienced in software, hardware, tinkering, and breaking things to fix them. I have always loved puzzles and I believe that all things that can be broken/fixed are just a more complicated version.