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I am currently majoring in computer science and the subjects that I am studying so far in general education just to get settle down for it. I starts attending to Eastern Washington University in Cheney since Fall2016 and I have become an eagle since then. I am hoping that I graduate from Eastern Washington University by spring quarter in 2020. The skills I have and think will be helpful for me myself and my team that I like experimenting and fixing things especially when it comes to screw and unscrew things, plug and unplug. Because it gives me an idea of what I am doing and exploring even if I did not fix the thing properly, but I know for sure I will get it done and right the second time if I did not have instructor on doing it. I do not have an experience other than messing up with my laptop at first because as I said I like working and not giving up unless I am done with it. Plus most of the technology or even tools comes with instructor or at least tutorial video that you can find anywhere and even if it did not come with it, it’s easily to find your own way logically.