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Vehicle and Tool Junkie.

Oh, and I work at iFixit as Chief Tool Officer too.

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Dump Truck, bought and fixed at 18

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Business card at 17

I am an autodidact. I did not attend school growing up. My family provided me with an excellent education at home, leaving most of my days free to tinker as a child. Broken or not, I took apart anything I could get my hands on. Most got put back together, and most of those worked. I learned that with the right tools and information, I could fix anything. Even without the tools or manuals, with some care, I was usually successful. I search craigslist for words like “needs”, “broken”, and “mechanic”.

I love vehicles of all sorts, especially vintage, exotic, and grey market ones.

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Smart Roadster snuck in from Germany.

I want to drive them all, and have driven most. When I couldn't buy it for a bargain and fix it for myself, I borrowed it, providing vehicle services for collectors - Repairs, brokering, detailing, showing, or towing.

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Tuning up Pat Boone's Suzuki GT

Yes, there are people don't have time for their own toys, and will pay people to play with them for them!

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Paid to cruise Hollywood in a West Coast Customs Grand National.

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No I can't land it. Can't even really fly it, but what a rush trying!

Did I mention I love bikes?

Mostly Vespa Scooters, especially unrestored original examples. I've owned pretty much every model built from 1952-1981, most of them several times, along with other random vintage scooters and mopeds.

The first engine I ever rebuilt was in a Vespa. When it roared... well putt-putt-putted to life, I was Dr. Frankenstein! Repair is my muse. There is nothing like pulling a long forgotten bike out of a shed, and bringing it back to life.

I'm not just a Vespa freak, I like all types of vintage bikes, especially European 2-strokes. I've owned my fair share of bigger bikes too, but there is something about pushing a 125cc bike to its limits that is difficult to duplicate on a bike with 10x the displacement.

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Vespa "Faro Basso" only sold in Italy. Most likely brought back by returning GI.

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All original paint 1964 Vespa, full nut & bolt "Teardown", detailed, and mechanically rebuilt.

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Short lived chopper phase

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They say I’m Bike-Curious. I love them all.

I love the rare and unusual bikes. Bikes brought back by GI's from overseas years ago or imported by a collector, torn apart and never put back together? I'm there to pick up the pieces and breath life back into it.

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Mobylette Grand Touring imported from Netherlands

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1967 Puch All original

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1996 JDM Yamaha YB1 imported from Japan.

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PAV40 Scooter Trailer imported from Czechoslovakia

I said I was a Vespa freak, I even play one on television.

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Pool at Hearst Castle

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View from secret swimming hole atop waterfall

I love the Central Coast, I grew up here playing outdoors, and make the most of the sunshine and amazing resources around us every chance I get. Swimming holes (and the occasional nice pool) are my favorite getaways.

To sum it up, work or play, I’m almost always surrounded with tools, At iFixit, tools are my domain: http://www.ifixit.com/Tools . I source, test, and photograph tools all day.

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