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Hello fixers!! My name is Jimmy West and I am a product photographer at iFixit. I study mechanical engineering at Cal Poly SLO with a concentration in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC). I am currently on my fifth year at Cal Poly and plan to graduate in Spring of 2019. A few of my hobbies include golf, photography, and surfing. I find myself out on the links at least twice a week throwing darts. In my free time, I enjoying going on trips with my friends to score some waves.

This photo was taken in Mexico on one of the many surf trips my friends and I have embarked on.

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I gained an interest in photography and film my freshmen year here at Cal Poly. I bought my first camera and began shooting videos for my friends and taking terrible pictures of random junk around me. I learned the art of the craft from my friends, a man who goes by the name of Unconventional Kirkpatrick and a fellow named Jabs. I enjoying taking action photos of my friends smacking the lip and getting barreled! Photography is an interesting hobby because there is always something new to learn.

Below is a photo of my role model and mentor Ryan Kirkpatrick pullin' into a choob!

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