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Just the facts...

I'm the CFO at iFixit and got to this place through a series of twists and turns. I started out in Computer Science, learning Cobol, C+ and other awesome legacy languages. In those days Java was too new for the school to teach it. Then I made some friends in the Business School who sported spotless coffee mugs, mechanical pencils, and folios. I had found my people.

Just before graduating with my undergrad, I quickly switched majors to Accounting, took a lot of additional business classes, and graduated from Cal Poly Cum Laude and headed over to Public Accounting, where I learned how to fill out forms for a living (among other exciting things). During that tenure I got a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University and geeked out on tax law and its application.

Fast forward through a career that has included being a CEO and COO in the wine industry, I've circle back around to my roots in tech bringing 20-some years of knowledge, scars and excitement with me.

What I'm About

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I like being outside. I backpack, trail run, bicycle, ocean swim, surf and generally wander about.

The oddest thing that ever happened to me was that I was swimming in the ocean and a whale swam under me and blew his bubbles up at me. I also think it is very strange to drive a car after a long trek through the wilderness. Cars go so far so fast!

I'm a roadie (currently on a TT Cannondale Slice) and a long boarder (favorite in my quiver is my Yater Spoon), for those who need to know such things.

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When I go on long trail runs I stuff my pockets with quesadillas. Sure, my pockets get greasy, but I do really love those quesadillas.

The Good Life

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I've been married to Robert for well over 20 years and every day still brings excitement and adventure. Our marriage is bound by dozens and dozens of projects we’ve done for ourselves and our friends and family.

Our son is a man now and plays D1 Water Polo at San Jose State so we trek around to his games to cheer him and his team on.

We have a cat, Darwin, who runs the show around here. He's a non-conformist tuxedo cat who usually sports a coat of dirt.

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When I'm not outside, I'm usually in the middle of a remodel project of somebody's house or building something interesting. My latest remodel was at friend Tammy's house - her old kitchen had pink counters and flower wall paper. Now it is beautiful. Her Master Bath is next. I also grow avocados, Fuji apples, and citrus. When I get worn out I'll play the piano, guitar, or violin.

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