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Who Am I?

I am a strong minded individual who loves cars and loves his own way to be the best and only way, this does not however prevent me from learning and adapting to new things.

I am a student worker working full time and attending school full time.

I work hard to achieve what I have currently and what I hope to have in the future.

What I Love?

I love to build things and make them my own such as firearms, cars and go karts and knifes.

i enjoy creating or improving upon old or even just what you would think to be common and make it more fun and my own

My Greatest Accomplishment?

That would be the Trans Am i had rebuilt, it took me two years and more money than i had to get it done but yet it is. I pulled it out of a field in which it sat for 19 years and did a full resto and engine swap as well as paint body work entire new interior and lots of welding and blood.

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