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Hello, My name is Cameron Davis and I’m a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

My passion for learning and my interest in the Aerospace industry is a result of my upbringing. I was fortunate to grow up around engines, electronics, tools, and most importantly my father who could fix all of those things. Eventually my passion for learning began to influence my hobbies and daily life. One of my biggest hobbies is that I race radio controlled cars, building them, setting them up for all the different tracks I race at, and even designing my own parts and testing them based on my ideas. Some of my other hobbies include 3D-Printing, Computers, Motorsports, and anything to do with engineering.

I built my first Computer at age 12, 3D-Printer at 14, and have rebuilt countless small engines before I was old enough to drive. That is when I discovered a new hobby of mine, one that relates all my previous hobbies. In retrospect I have always been fascinated by controlling, riding, or driving something; I have heard stories that I used to drive golf carts, tractors, and dirt-bikes before I was tall enough to reach the pedals or pegs. In racing, everything I once had a passion or interest for is linked in one way or another. Engine modifications, vehicle dynamics, as well as the electronics suite to control, record, and later validate every aspect of a vehicle that moves at speed. Later in my life I discovered that this same statement is true for the Aerospace industry as well.

My goals for my life and career are simply to utilize my experience, continue my passion for learning, and be a part of humanities efforts in pioneering our future in space or on other planets. I know that in the end, if I’m building or learning about something that goes faster, gets hotter, or does something inconceivable to those who did not design it, that I will be happy and feel accomplished.

Although I sound as if I’m ready to blast off on a trip to space, I like to return to my roots and give back any way I can, hopefully I will inspire someone like I was inspired by my father. Therefore, I’m excited to be creating the repair guides for the RYOBI ONE+ Rechargeable Reciprocating saw. I feel as if I’m more than experienced enough for this repair because I have experienced the pain of having your eardrums jiggled when trying to use one of these saws to cut something non-rigid. Additionally, I have used many different brands of power tools from Dewalt to Makita and everything in between. Therefore I understand how most people use the tools, their common problems, and the different designs of each manufacturer. However, I’m excited to learn more about the Ryobi products as I’ve only used a few and their competitive pricing intrigues me. It will be fascinating to disassemble the saw, learn how it works, and see for myself whether the price matches the product based on competitors products. I hope that my repair guides will help audiences at all skill levels learn how to repair their devices and more importantly understand why they failed in the first place so that they can make more informed decisions or learn the correct way to use the tool so that it wont happen again.

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