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Being a student at Embry Riddle has changed my perspective on many things including the reusing of recourse and good that we produce. From the study of classes that focus on the environmental impacts to others that show it as an economical impact there are many things to be considered everyday. As an Air Traffic major I have been able to meet hundreds of people that I would have never met before and interacted with. For this purpose particularly we are working as a team to create a solution for an item that could be fixed with a well detailed guide. and I love the fact that there is an opportunity to possibly help someone resolve their issues through the use of research.

Aspirations I would like to be an Air Traffic controller but I would settle for being a pilot.

Hobby : I customize and upgrade golf carts in my own small personal business

Skills: I am a teachers assistant for my department and I would say that because of that I have excelled past my other classmates for my major

Experience: I have always had a passion for taking things apart rather than buying something again new.

Groups I am president of the ATC organization on campus

Block Image

This is my golf cart that I have fully customized form a normal cart on a golf course to now the golf cart with the most LED’s in the world.