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I am a sophomore at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, studying technical communication as my major with minors in biotechnology and astronomy.

My interest in technical communication and science stems from my honors biology class I took as a sophomore in high school. A portion of the class involved writing in-depth reports of lab activities. Whenever a lab report was to be written, I would submerge myself in lengthy writing and editing sessions that would take up my free time for a week so I could be proud of the result. I realized that writing these reports was highly rewarding, and I began to consider a career involving scientific and technical writing.

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[Image left] My passion for science smoothly fits with my biotechnology minor. The picture shows the results of a test to see if an unknown bacteria can grow in an environment with Ampicillin.

I plan to apply my passion to a career as a technical writer in engineering, technology, aerospace, or pharmaceutical fields. I believe responsibilities such as writing in-house managerial documents, drafting business proposals, and improving customer of manuals and customer interfaces can be very rewarding.

Becoming a member of the ifixit team is of personal and professional interest to myself as I can gain experience I can showcase to potential employers while growing my personal knowledge of repairing tools. I have conducted repairs and minor improvements to software and accessibility functions on personal devices in the past, but have not been involved in larger projects than that. Repairing or replacing the hardware on any electronic device is a practical skill I would like to learn that could reduce my electronic costs and waste.


  • Active listener with strong persuasive skills
  • Goal-oriented team member
  • Website construction (wordpress.com, Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Multitasker


  • Honor roll recipient at Paul VI High School
  • Honor roll recipient at James Madison University
  • Community Outreach Chair for JMU Club Table Tennis
  • Place winner at Spartan Slam, WCAC Conference tournament, and other wrestling tournaments while attending Paul VI High School


  • Reading
  • Listening to music
  • Playing table tennis
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[Image left]This picture was taken after my table tennis team competed in the NCTTA tournament in November of 2019. I am in the top row, seventh from the left.