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Hi! My name is Kunal Chopra. I’m a student at York University studying Information technology. I am due to graduate in 2021.

I’ve had a passion for technology and computers since elementary. My first ever computer was a used Dell workstation PC from 2003 that my family bought in 2007 running Windows XP. Ever since, my love for technology has kickstarted and grown throughout high school and university.

In 2015 I had started my own website that I hosted on my desktop PC at home. The website is a host for various side projects and applications that I’ve created and installed on it over the years. In 2017 I upgraded the website to a dedicated rack-mount server running Apache under Windows Server.

I despite my experience in IT infrastructure, I have more experience in software development and web applications, and as such, I aspire to become a software developer to create applications for deployment in the world wide web. One of my notable software undertakings is a Node.js based music server for free and open source locally hosted music server that you can run on your own server and listen to your personal library of music anywhere.

My experience in repairs consists mainly of repair of intangible software, rather than physical hardware. Most of my repair experience comes with the development of my own personal projects as well as experience from my on campus helpdesk IT job.

  • Debugging and bugfixing software
  • Refactoring code for more efficient functionality
  • Helping students with issues with applications on their devices
  • Helping fix WiFi and account problems
  • Assisting with the installation and setup of software

I hope to expand my skillset of repair beyond the intangible and into physical hardware, and the iFixIt project would enable me to gain valuable knowledge not only of the repair of components, but also the inner workings of the hardware involved.