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My name is Tyler Clayton and I am a sophomore at Cal Poly SLO, majoring in aerospace engineering!

I decided to study engineering early in high school because I like how engineers are able to use both the creative and analytical aspects of their brain. I didn’t want to be tied to just one! I decided to focus on aerospace engineering specifically because I have always been interested in astronomy. In fact, one of my jobs in the summer is to give “stargazing” tours to children and adults on top of one of my hometown’s local mountains. My excitement for my major was amplified after speaking to a NASA employee who allowed me to see his CAD for a project he was working on: the Starshade (a large telescope in space that could potentially view exoplanets).

Over my years of education, I have picked up a few technical skills:

  • Computer-Aided Design – SolidWorks
  • Lathe and Milling Operations, G-Code Basics
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • MS Word, Excel, PPT

Outside of school I enjoy being outdoors (skiing, hiking, beach, etc), reading, listening to music and spending time with friends and family!