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Hello! my name is Alexis Barrios. I am originally from Venezuela. I am a student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring on Aeronautical Science. i am currently a sophomore working on my private pilot’s license.

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In the future, i hope to work for a Delta. Since i was a kid i always liked this airline because my mom used to work here. It has always been my dream to fly as a first officer for them. before i get to my ultimate goal, i want to teach others how to fly. I’ve always liked to pass my knowledge to others.

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Private pilot

Fluent in Spanish


One of the many things i enjoy doing in my free time is surfing. I’ve been surfing since i was a kid, and i frequently do it. Another one of my hobbies is playing soccer. i usually play soccer 3 times a week in order to stay in shape. My favorite position to play is midfield. lastly, the thing i love doing the most is flying. it’s not only my major, but also my hobby.

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How This Project Relates to me

This project will provide experience working with a real client and improving my technical writing in order to meet standards and expectations. It will test my time management and different aspects of communication.

Repair experience

I’ve had experience repairing many different items ranging from a surfboard to a computer. I usually try to fix my own things before i throw them away. Therefore i am very eager to work on this project with my partner.