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I am from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Better known as Cal Poly SLO).

I chose to major in Electrical Engineering because, well, I love electricity! I remember back when I was in elementary school I was at this day care place while my parents were at the gym, and it had a skee-ball machine that was “broken.” Now, that was my favorite game, and so when it broke I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t play it anymore. I got the bright idea to crawl under the machine to see if I could fix it, and saw that there were a bunch of connectors that were disconnected. So, I plugged everything back into where it belonged, and the game powered back up. Since then, I have loved fixing electronics, whether it’s a simple connector that is broken, or a temperamental oscilloscope that needs a bunch of 40 year old capacitors replaced.

I aspire to work on Aerospace electronics after I graduate. The only other (academic) topic that rivals my fascination in electronics is space, so I’d like to combine the two for my professional career. I also aspire to continue to develop my non-academic hobbies, such as blacksmithing, woodworking, baking, ballroom dancing, and martial arts.

Skills: I tend to work well under stress, which probably started in high school when I participated in the First Robotics Competition, where we only had six weeks to design, build, wire and practice with our robot before competition. From this, I also learned to work well in a team and manage my time.

In high school I build a chessboard that used inductive coupling to power nixie tubes as pieces. For this I needed to design my own circuit boards and have them fabricated. While it did not end up working (for reasons that I now understand), I did learn a lot, and was able to learn electrical design and layout pretty early, which helped me in my repairs and projects in the future.

I have fixed a decent number of things. Most recently, I fixed a 12 string guitar that I bought for pretty cheap, and have been learning to play it for a few months now. I also fixed a frequency counter that had a very interesting issue. I could turn it on and it would display frequency counts for a bit, but after a few seconds it would reset the display and keep it stuck displaying zeroes. After going through the schematics and testing voltages in the device, I found the problem: a cracked solder joint at the base of a transistor that was preventing the reset line from going high to allow for data to show again. Currently, I am working on an oscilloscope that turns on and off at random intervals, where turning it on and off does not fix the issue. I have narrowed the problem down to a few components and traces in the 5V power supply within the device, as the rest of the voltage supply lines (including the multi-kilovolt lines used for the CRT).

As for awards, I received Dean’s List honors for the College of Engineering for fall quarter 2019. I am also part of the university honors program.

I am part of quite a few clubs on campus. First is PolySat, or the Cal Poly Cubesat Laboratory. It is an interdisciplinary club which builds small satellites and small satellite technology. I was hired by this club Fall 2019. Next is Akaflieg, which is a soaring club which also works on Aerospace Engineering projects. With this club, I was the lead software designer for our drag rake project. I am also part of MST, or microsystems technology group, which works in the campus cleanroom to fabricate microstructures on silicon wafers. Recently, I got involved with InterVarsity, which is a Christian association on campus, and I have been working with one of my friends to start a blacksmithing club.

As for hobbies, I enjoy mountain biking, reading, baking bread, cooking, hanging out with friends, wood working, blacksmithing, metal working, weight lifting, hiking, designing and fixing electronics, listening to music, and thrift shopping.

This project relates to me because I enjoy fixing things :)

Fun facts: I have a corgi, and my favorite foods are Ramen, Udon, and Korean Barbecue (capitalized because I like them so much). For Ramen and Udon, I like to make them from scratch (yes, including the noodles), but for Korean barbecue I like going out to a restaurant with a bunch of my friends.