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Hello! I am currently a first year Computer Engineering major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but I’m planning on switching to Computer Science, because I realized I’m not a really a hands-on type of guy. I prefer just coding. The reason I was drawn towards Computer Science, was because it is such an adaptable major. Since I’m still maturing and have a lot to learn, my passions and what I want to do with my life could change at any moment, and Computer Science enables me to do this. It can be applied almost anywhere.


I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I know for sure I want to work for a non-profit. I want my work to be meaningful and actually do something that directly helps people who need it.


I’m really good with understanding conceptual things. Usually, I’m able to just put things together in my head design wise. I’m able to know what looks good and get it to look good. Also, if I’m extremely passionate about something or something that doesn’t exist that I know should exist, I’m always able to find a way to make it a reality.


I’ve always been into clothes and up-cycling, which is finding ways to make new things out of old things. This past year, I’ve been going to my local Goodwill and charity stores and finding pieces of clothing that have cool aspects or designs but couldn’t necessarily be worn on their own. I buy these clothes, take them home and cut them up and use my sewing machine to combine the best elements from each of the clothing pieces. It allows me to make wearable, sustainable art. It’s such a satisfying feeling once I finish a piece.

In high school,

Repair Experience

I don’t have any real repair experience, but the closest thing I have is my sewing machine sometimes getting clogged or the thread being lost and I take it apart and fix that. I would love to learn how to replace iPhone screens, because I skateboard a lot and that leads to a lot of cracked phones.