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Hello! I am Gunnar Knutson, currently a student at Eastern Washington University via the Running Start program. I am majoring in computer science, with a desire to go into backend development. I have tinkered with a lot of technology over my life and am very proficient with fixing computers and other technology, as well as providing support for many software issues. I enjoy playing video games, reading, and programming. My main programming languages are bash/UNIX shell, GDscript, and Python, although I also know a bit of Java and batch. I have experience with softmodding and homebrew on both my 2ds XL and Wii U. I do most of my gaming on my pc (17-8700k, 8x4 DDR4-3000, GTX 1060 6GB, 1x500GB + 2x1TB Samsung 860 EVO), which has both Windows and Arch Linux installed. I also run a server on an older pc with Linux that has hosted a wide variety of software from game servers to git repos to media servers, giving me a lot of experience with Linux, Docker, and self-hosting. These two computers (as well as many others I have had over the years) have given me a great teal of experience when it comes to building, repairing, or upgrading computers. I also have experience with the Raspberry Pi family of devices (via my Pi 4 Model B 4GB) as well as some experience with Android phones (via my Samsung S8). I am very excited to be here on iFixit and hope to be a valuable asset to the community in the years to come!