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Hello, My name is Alex Chukwuka nice to meet you! I am a Student in the York University Itec Program. I also work as a Marketer at Envision Toronto.

My love for all thing computing started when i was a little kid at the age of 9. We had just got our first desktop computer and I was the most exited one to use it, but I was a very weird kid. My idea of playing involved taking all my toys apart and seeing what makes them work and if i could put them back together, so it’s safe to assume i mad quick work of the computer. Soon after that I helped create my school’s first programming club and was the leader of the club.

I chose ITEC(Information Technology) because it’s a course that not only helps me further my understanding of computers but also shows me how the business world works as a computer scientist. I always dreamed of becoming a Project Designer/Team Leader one day and I have been working to improve my skills until then.

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I’ve been repairing things since I was little, one of my best moments was when my father asked me to write a program for his company to use, at the time it was the biggest thing i ever worked on, I was also the house repairman so I’ve fixed TVs, Gaming devices, Air conditions, e.t.c. In my spare time I am a very chill person, I love to play games, watch series, spend time with my boys and I love taking Pictures of Nature.

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This Project is an opportunity for me to show my skills to a larger audience and also further improve on said skills.


  • Java
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Smart-Worker
  • Precise
  • Diligent
  • Strong Presentation/Speech Giving Skills


  • Varsity Soccer Gold (2014-16)
  • 1st Place Annual talent Show (2012)