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My name is Laura and I am the part time custodian at iFixit. I enjoy making work spaces nice, eliminating spider webs, and pondering how to save the world!

About Me:

I grew up in Michigan and promptly left at age 20 to work seasonal jobs, mostly involving fisheries research! I worked in 10 different western states and covered a lot of ground by truck, foot, and boat.

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Here I am with one of the coolest species of fish in North America: Pallid Sturgeon on the Missouri River outside of Fort Benton, MT.

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I met my wife in 2015 and after 5 glorious years living in Bozeman, Montana, we landed in San Luis Obispo, CA in the fall of 2020.

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Since arriving in SLO we have acquired two 15 year old grandpa cats, Zuko and Bumi (named after characters from ''Avatar: The Last Airbender''.)

In addition to pestering the cats, I enjoy mountain biking, gardening, and working on home improvement projects.