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Look below for my guides and contributions.

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Here i announce new guides to write and lot of technology/repair articles!


I am this.

Electronics and the Internet

I know diodes, https, TCP, HTML, python, C and how to clear the clipboard by cmd-kinda sick for a teen.

Cooking and other skills

Can cook:

  • pizza
  • fried rice
  • pasta
  • eggs
  • omlette
  • noodles
  • pancakes
  • lotta things

Can do:

  • cycling
  • cutting
  • inhaling and exaling
  • And of course repairing!
  • some other things

Some private thing

I don’t consider myself as Autisom or require special support - I use standard electronics, go to toilet like everyone).

Now my following way-of-living will be like autism but IT IS NOT.

  • I am kinda shy in some places
  • Overly discuss, uses examples in explaining, writing
  • Girls are complicated - I try to be like they are not around me

Teardowns, an denen ich gearbeitet habe

Meine Anleitungen

Anleitungen, zu denen ich beigetragen habe

Absolvierte Anleitungen



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