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Hello everyone!

Who am I?

My name is Conner and I work in parts testing. I have been working at iFixit since april, however I have been apart of the community since 2013. I began at iFixit as an intern at the old office the summer after my freshman year. I had never really considered repair as an option, until I spent my summer surrounded by it.

I went to Central Coast New Tech High School, which is a very technological school. All homework was done online and we used technology to supplement our learning. I took this idea of repair to my high school, where I created the Dire Tech Club, that eventually moved to a business called Dire Tech Repair.

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This was my first logo for Dire Tech Repair. I used iFixit guides and my confidence to fix phones and computers that other students didn't feel comfortable doing.

Soooo... Do you like anything other then repair?

Sure I do! I love a lot of things, but the most important thing to me is my truck.

Meet the beast, my 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

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It's my pride and joy! All my time is spent caring for, driving, and hucking this truck. It is currently lifted 3 inches with Fox 2.0s and an add-a-leaf in the rear, as well as bilsteins up front. I have a super 44 muffler and an extremely breathable filter. I have a few other things such as a CB Radio/ PA speaker, tailgate pad and 3 pod lights up front. It definitely has a broke college student vibe to it and it's true.

But trust me, this is just the beginning of a very sweet build!

Very cool, is their anything else I should know?

Not really... That's pretty much me! An added tidbit might be that I love agriculture and ranching and I hope to go to Cal Poly for Agriculture Systems Management. We'll see how well that goes and how far that takes me.

If you need any help with fixing your car, let me know, I might be able to help out!

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