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Having graduated Conestoga College in 2012, I shortly after, became Lead Technician of a branch of a relatively large electronics repair franchise, which for legal reasons, i would like to avoid mentioning.

my store location personally has serviced over 12500 devices in the past 4 years, and our technicians are personally trained by me.

i have self taught most of the the devices' internal workings and repairs, while having personal training by samsung officials in missisauga from their headquarters as well.

I have experience with some diagnosis, but unfortunately my board work is limited. i have practiced and self taught SMT quite diligently. with proper information, i can do most repairs given to me.

My experience with samsung warranty has taught me the process of reballing and replacing U204 Chips, which is a transferrable SMT skill for replacing most 16pin ICs, that i have brought to other android devices.

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