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2000 GMC Sierra Troubleshooting

A Headlight Isn't Emitting Light

“No matter what you do, you can't get your headlights to come back on.”

Tap Cover

Sometimes the issue can be as simple as the bulb moved out of place. If you are busy and don’t have time to visit your local auto parts store, lightly tap the cover of the headlight. This may sound silly but i personally have done this for 2 months. If there is still no sign of light, move onto the next step.

Dirty Battery Terminals

Over time, the terminals of your vehicles battery become corroded due to the elements that they are exposed to. Take a metal wire brush and lightly scrape off the corrosion. This will NOT damage the battery if you happen to scrape the actual battery rather than the corrosion. Don’t be afraid!

Dead Battery

Have you been listening to the radio for a long period of time? did you forget to completely turn your car off? Your car may have a dead battery, which could be a cause for this issue. Recharge the battery or if necessary replace it to a new one.

Dead Bulb

If other electrical components of your vehicle are functioning, your issue will more than likely lie behind your headlight/taillight cover. Bulbs die out over time, depending on the quality of the brand you chose to purchase. Buy a new bulb and the high quality one.

Burned Fuse

Sometimes shorts in wire cause the fuse to blow and that is due to the hot wire being exposed and touching the body. try taping up the exposed wire and switch the fuse to a new one.

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