2001-2006 Mini Cooper Troubleshooting

The inside of the car has become musty after extended use of the A/C unit.

This musty affect can occur because the air filter in the car has become dirty, and could be impeding the flow of air in the car. Before taking the car in for a check up it could simply need to be replaced. For instructions on how to replace the filter refer to the guide for this.

The locking mechanism in your car has become broken or faulty

Check inside the locking mechanism to see if the fuses have burned up or broken in the locking actuator.

The locking actuator itself could have become broken and may need to be examined to decide the extent of the damage. To remove the actuator look through the guide that tells you how to disassemble it.

Your windows are stuck or have become jammed.

Before going straight to a mechanic for help, you can check to see if the cable wheel could be broken or out of alignment. This is a a common problem among many cars.

The fuses could also be damaged or broken, and can affect the window motor. This is another place to look if your window has become stuck. Replacing the fuse could be a quick and inexpensive fix.

Sensors that read where the window is could have become faulty, and this can be self corrected at times. Try to reset the sensors in the door by holding up on the window control for about 20 seconds.

The software that assists with moving the windows is also another problem area at times. This can be potentially fixed by disconnecting the battery for around 5 minutes to see if the system can reset itself.

footlights and dome light stopped working. changed the bulb still doesnt work. the 2 small side lights next to the dome light still work. could it be a fuse? even when i open the door the footlights do not come on.

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