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ASUS X44H-BBR4 Troubleshooting

Model Number: X44H-BBR4 Release Date: 2012

When the batteries voltage (indicated by percentage in the battery meter for windows) drops to a certain point, your PC shuts down without warning. Your PC charger is plugged into the laptop but the device is not charging.

Make sure all connections on the power adapter and cord are connected. Also, check your power cord and the its power supply for physical damage.

Go to task manager (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and disable unnecessary programs running in the background.

Open Device Manager and expand the battery category. From here, right-click the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing and select Uninstall. Do not uninstall the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or any other ACPI compliant driver in order to get the latest updates. Now, download and install the latest ACPI driver for your PC.

If everything else doesn't work, the best solution is to replace the battery entirely.

You can find the correct battery for the laptop by clicking on the battery icon which will display the correct replacement battery.

The device is unresponsive.

Make sure that the the battery is charged. You can do this by charging the battery with your device's power adapter.

To check if the battery is dead, remove the battery and plug in the power cord. After doing this, turn on the computer. If it turns on that means the battery is dead. Here is a link to replace your battery: ASUS X44H-BBR4 Battery Replacement

If you can see your device's power LED is active, you can here the cooling fan running and there is nothing displayed on the monitor, your screen may not be functioning. Here is a link on how to replace your screen: ASUS X44H-BBR4 Screen Replacement

The keyboard buttons will not respond when pressed.

Restart your laptop. There could be a mild glitch where there was a loss in connection with the motherboard.

Check to make sure that your keys are not locked, or the sticky keys option is not on. To do this go to your “Control Panel” and then click on the “Accessibility Options”. Click on the “Keyboard” tab and make sure that all the check boxes are not checked off so that there are no special keys in use. Make sure to uncheck the boxes and hit the “Apply” button so that your changes will be saved.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s website to see if any updates or software patches are available for your computer type. Sometimes things will stop working if the software is not lined up with the different components.

Check for any small particles, including crumbs, that may have gotten under the keys. Hold your laptop keyboard section upside down and shake a little bit to get loose any free crumbs that were stuck under them. If shaking does not clean it very well, you can use a keyboard cleaner, which is almost like a vacuum or used compressed air,like a air duster, to spray between the keys.

If the spill a spill occurred on your keyboard try to get as much of the liquid out of it by holding upside down and draining it. A very absorbent towel towel should be used next to dab the keyboard and get more moisture out of the keyboard. The hard drive and RAM can be removed to get and even closer cleaning up of the spill. Make sure that all the liquid is removed before using your keyboard and computer again or else more issues besides keyboard ones may arise.

Take the individual keys off that are sticky. Make sure to clean the keys you removed and also the areas where the keys were from. You can use a cotton swab, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and a flathead screwdriver to take apart and clean the keys.

If none of these solutions work, most likely the problem is with the keyboard and you will have to replace it. Here is a link: ASUS X44H-BBR4 Keyboard Replacement

You are having issues listening to audio from your PC.

If the audio coming from your laptop is distorted or there is no audio at all, you may need to update your PC’s audio driver. Go to Click the “Download” tab. Then enter “X44H” into the search bar. A list will now appear, click “X44H.” Select your operating system. From the list, click on “AUDIO” and download and install the most recent driver.

If the problem is not resolved after updating your driver, you may have a physical connectivity issue. If you are trying to use the headphone jack on your PC, the device plugged into the jack may be faulty. Try using a pair of working headphones. If this does not resolve your issue, you may have a faulty audio jack. At this point you should visit the repair guide for further troubleshooting.

If you have already updated your audio driver and the issue has not yet been resolved, you may have faulty speakers or a faulty speaker connection. To fix this issue, you will need to refer to the repair guide.

This is a common problem with laptops and computers which is when the device becomes hotter than it is supposed to which can cause damage to the device.

Dust can cause an obstruction to the vent, not allowing air to properly flow out of the device. Therefore make sure to clean your computer vent with a duster or air compressor to remove all the obstructions.

If your vents are not properly clear and open then they can cause the device to overheat. You can buy laptop stands that can prop up the device so that vents are properly clear or a cooling pad that will bring cool air to the device.

CPU usage is how much work your computer is doing. If it is doing a lot of work it can cause your device to overheat. Make sure that you close out any unnecessary apps that could be using a lot of your battery and have a high CPU usage.

A bad battery not only can cause you power problems but it can also make your computer overheat. So if possible buy a new battery that will run your computer properly and not cause any other overheating problems.

Your device might also have a faulty fan that is not properly working or a fan that is broken. Here is a link to our fan replacement guide:ASUS X44H-BBR4 Fan Replacement

how do i turn on keyboard light on my asua x44h if it even has 1

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