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AcuRite 02032

A weather center with various measuring tools to record local weather.

The device or screen display is not responsive and shows no signs of power

Test the device in low and high temperature environments. If the temperature, humidity, or rainfall measurements are not displayed correctly, then most-likely there is a problem with the 5-in-1 sensor. First make sure the device is not plugged into an outlet. Then, find the A-B-C switch inside the battery compartment. Set the A-B-C switch to A, B or C. The same letter choices must be selected for both the sensor and the display units in order for the units to synchronize. Install or replace batteries specifically with lithium ion batteries; heavy-duty batteries are not recommended. The sensor requires lithium batteries in low temperature conditions. Batteries must be installed as given for the 5-in-1 sensor to operate.

Check to see if your batteries are inserted properly. If they are, the batteries may be low, or out of charge. Replacing the old betters may fix the issue. If that doesn't work, try resetting the screen by pushing on the reset button found on the back of the display screen. Keep in mind, by doing this you will need to reset the date and time afterwards.

First check if the batteries in the machine need to be replaced. If charged batteries are in place and the issue persists, check to see if the temperature fan is running. Turn on the machine and place your ear near the area of the fan; this is located right below the solar panel. Listen if the internal fan is spinning. If it is running but not preforming as expected try cleaning off the solar panel The solar panel is what powers the temperature fan before using battery power. If cleaning the solar panel didn't fix the issue or the fan isn't spinning at all there may be something obscuring the fan from spinning. Use a long tool like a pencil or screwdriver and carefully reach up into the temperature fan housing and try truing the fan using your tool. This should loosen the fan if it was stuck.

The device does not communicate or sync with wireless devices

Move the 5-in-1 sensor and the display within 330 feet of each other. Both units should also be placed at least 3 feet away from other electronics that may interfere with wireless communication, such as TVs, microwaves, computers, etc).

If there is still no reception, the batteries may be faulty. Remove the batteries and power adapter in both units and bring them indoors. Reinstall the batteries and power adapter, then allow them to sit within a couple of feet of each other for about 20 minutes to establish a strong connection. Standard lithium batteries should be used to power the sensors when outside temperature falls below -4°F or -20°C.

The computer will not detect the device and software will not update

Be sure your computer is connected to the internet when you try to download the software off the company website. If problems persist make sure your computer's firewall settings are configured to allow downloads from outside parties. This can be done by changing security settings or by temporarily disabling firewall settings. Then, try downloading the software again. If it is still not working, verify that you are downloading the correct version for the operating system you are using.

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