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Apple PowerBook 520 Troubleshooting

PowerBook won't turn on

Before proceeding with any repair work, please be sure to restart the computer to verify that the problem is not software related

Hold power switch on

Find the left pointing arrow key located in the top right corner of the keyboard and hold down for 10 seconds. You should hear a tone upon the successful startup of the computer.

Charge the battery

Use the power adapter to charge the battery for an extended period of time.

Display not powered

The computer may start, but no image displays. In this case, you might have a bad monitor connection. This may require a repair or replacement.

Bad logic board

If none of the above solutions solve the problem, the logic board may be the cause of the issue. This may require a repair or replacement.

Distorted display

Display is dark

If display is dark, use the brightness and contrast controls located on the bottom right corner of the screen bezel to adjust brightness. Note: It may take several minutes for the screen to warm up upon start up of the computer.

Display shows no image

The computer may start, but no image displays. In this case, you might have a bad monitor connection. This may require a repair or replacement.

Flickering display

Computer is unable to handle current display settings. Adjust contrast and brightness accordingly until a satisfactory display combination has been found.

Power supply issues

Short battery life

Battery may be draining to fast. To prolong your battery life, turn down screen brightness to a tolerable level.

Computer will not charge

If the computer will not recharge, there are a few possible causes. The charger port on the computer may be dysfunctional, the power supply may be dysfunctional, or the battery may be improperly connected to the device.

Functionality Issues

Computer turns on, but will not boot

If the computer will turn on, but not boot into the MacOS, either the OS needs to be reinstalled, or the hard drive needs to be replaced.

Floppy drive does not read

If a floppy diskette is not detected by the computer after inserting a it, the floppy drive may be in need of replacement.

Computer is overheated

Note: It is normal for this computer to be warm while operating

Put computer to sleep or turn off

If the computer is getting too hot, discontinue use by putting it to sleep or shutting it down altogether. Sometimes long computer usage will result in overheating and the best way to resolve the issue is to stop using the computer.

Decrease energy output

If you want to cool down your computer without turning it off, some solutions include decreasing total energy output. You can turn down the screen brightness, turn on blacklight dimming in software settings, and/or plugging in the power adapter.

Disconnect external devices

If applicable, disconnect any external devices that are being used by the computer. These include, but are not limited to, external monitor, external hard drive, and external keyboard and mouse.

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