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The Cellphone does not respond or show any sign of powering on

The BLU Tank II has a micro-USB charging port located on the top of the phone. Check to make sure that the charging cable being used is the correct type. If so make sure there are no cracks or bends in the cable and that it is firmly plugged into the wall and the phone.

If the cable is properly inserted, the screen should turn on showing a battery symbol, indicating that the phone is charging. Therefore if it doesn't appear, consider replacing the charging cable.

If the cable is properly working make sure you let the device charge for at least 24 hours. If the phone powers on but does not hold a charge, then consider replacing the battery.

If the phone still does not power on, you need a battery replacement.

The keys on your keypad do not respond or have a delayed response

If one of the keys in the cellphone keyboard is missing , the whole keyboard should be replaced using the keyboard replacement guide.

If this is not the case, use the keyboard replacement guide to make sure that the rubber is not broken or fractured on the bottom of the keys.

If the Cellphone is freezing or has a delayed response, turn off the cell phone for 5 minutes and then turn it back on.

If the Cellphone is still freezing and has a delayed response after being restarted, this could be a sign of a damaged motherboard. This can occur if the phone was exposed to water or dropped/damaged. In this case, consider purchasing a new phone.

The picture taken by the camera is blurry and is not clear

Check the protector lens, if the lens is dirty, clean it with a lens cleaning solution or microfiber cleaning cloth. If the lens is scratched, [Ungültiger Anleitungslink]

If there are no issues with the protector lens, the issue might be due to the camera lens being damaged or dirty. Try wiping the lens with a static free micro fiber cloth or lens cleaner. If the issue persists, consider a motherboard replacement.

If there is no recognizable micro SD card in the phone or not enough storage space on the card, you will receive a 'Not Enough Memory' error when taking photos. First, check if there is an micro SD card in the phone. If not, insert a memory card.

If there is an micro SD card in the phone make sure that it is inserted the correct way. On the phone, check whether the micro SD card's storage is full. If it is full, either delete unwanted photos/videos/music or insert a new micro SD card. Otherwise, if the phone does not recognize the micro SD card, consider replacing it.

The screen is scratched/damaged

Remove the face plate to see if the scratch is on the outer screen of the cellphone. To do so you can follow our screen replacement guide.

If the inner screen is damaged , you might consider [Ungültiger Anleitungslink] Else, you may have to purchase a replacement phone.

after taking photo, phone indicates not enough memory

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