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Camera won’t Turn on ¶ 

The camera does not respond when I hit the power button.

Battery is Low ¶ 

The camera may have low batteries and may not power on. It needs to be fully charged for about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Battery is Not Being Detected ¶ 

You may have place placed the battery the wrong way. Try to make sure that the ion battery is facing the correct direction when you put it in. You will hear a “click” sound when it is inserted correctly and now the battery should be detected.

Charging Cable is Not Operational ¶ 

Make sure that the cable securely in place. If it is in place and still not charging then the cable may have a defect.

Lens Cap is on the Camera ¶ 

If the camera is powered on and the screen is black the lens cap may still be on the camera, simply twist the cap off.

Can’t Hear out of Speaker ¶ 

After I record my video when I go back to play it no sound comes out of it.

Sound on Mute ¶ 

It is possible that the mode is still on camera and if you switch it video you should be able to hear sound. If you open the screen menu you should be able to access the settings. On one of the settings you can access the volume and now you can adjust it to make it louder

Speaker Cuts in and out ¶ 

The speaker itself may have a defect and may need to be replaced.

LED Light won’t turn on ¶ 

When I try to take pictures or videos later in the day the LED light won’t work

Battery is Low ¶ 

The camera may have low batteries and may not power on. It needs to be fully charged for about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

LED light is flickering ¶ 

The LED light may need to be changed or it is defective

Light is Dim ¶ 

The cover of the LED may need to be cleaned. Use a water paper towel or moists cloth to clean the screen. Be sure to do it gently so the LED cover won’t get scratched

Camera Loses Focus ¶ 

I want to film something, but my camera isn’t clear.

Camera is cracked or distorted ¶ 

You may have dropped your camera and need the lens to be replaced

Battery is low ¶ 

The batteries in your camera may be running low and need to be replaced soon

Buttons Are Stuck ¶ 

I press a button on my camcorder, but it becomes stuck.

Residue build up ¶ 

Your buttons may have become stuck to something and can’t be moved until they are cleaned.

Buttons are broken ¶ 

A button on your camera may have become broken as a result of a fall and needs to be replaced. It is also possible that you may have been pressing the buttons too hard and they now need to be replaced.

Camera Distorts Image ¶ 

I try to take a picture or video but the image becomes blurry.

Lens is cracked ¶ 

Your camera may have fallen and the lens is cracked and needs to be replaced.

Zooming in and out Camera Becomes Blurry ¶ 

You may need to hold the camera steadier or mount it on a tripod in order to keep your subject in focus.

Screen won’t Turn on ¶ 

So the camera is powered on but the issue that I’m having is that when I go to open up the screen it is just black.

Battery is Low ¶ 

The camera may have low batteries and may not power on. It needs to be fully charged for about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The Brightness is Low ¶ 

You can change the brightness of the screen with the side buttons

Every time I try to playback video it seems to trigger the camcorder to turn off and back on. Any ideas how I could solve this problem? It only does this in video mode, the photo mode is fine.

Ruth Lin - Antwort

I use this camera for investigation purposes and I need it to constantly record in night vision but, It constantly stops and turns itself off. How do I set this up to record constantly

ted williams - Antwort

Memory card error


When I turn the camera on it automatically zooms and you cannot take picture or video.

Shawn “Mazdatrion” Dockham - Antwort

How do I charge my splash 2

Riley Mark - Antwort

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