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Black and Decker 3-Cup Rice Cooker Troubleshooting

The rice cooker's hot plate won't heat up at all even if the cook button is held down, and the problem isn't with the outlet.

If the device will not turn on, you may want to inspect the power cord for frays, gashes, or cuts. You will need to replace the power cord if it is damaged.

Are you still not getting power to the device? This may be a problem with the internal circuitry and connections. You will want to check internally for faulty connections.

Pressing down the cook button doesn't lock the cooker with its button down, or it is not possible to try to press the cook button down because it is broken.

If the button on the rice cooker can't be pressed down to turn on the device, or is missing or broken, you'll need to replace it.

If the rice cooker continues to heat up after you take the rice bowl out, then you are going to need to replace the spring which turns off the heat.

The light that indicates that the device is turned on won't light up when the device is on, but the device is heating properly.

If the rice cooker is heating properly, but the light isn't indicating whether the rice is cooked or kept warm, then the light bulbs are probably blown out and need to be replaced.

Besides the light being burnt out, the light could be improperly connected to the circuitry. You can reconnect it if replacing the bulb doesn't work.

Why won't my Brand New rice cooker light green come​ on

Catherine - Antwort

My new rice cooker light green won't come on

Catherine - Antwort

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