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Blackberry Curve 8330 troubleshooting guide

The Blackberry Curve 8330 is the CDMA (Verizon) model of the blackberry 8300 with GPS, Bluetooth, and a 2-megapixel camera.

The phone does not power on

If the phone does not turn on there may be an issue with the phone's battery, or its logic board.

The phone is turned off or frozen

Push and hold the red power button to the right of the trackball for 3-10 seconds to turn on or reboot the phone.

The battery no longer holds a charge

If the phone doesn't turn on after allowing the battery to charge for 30 minutes, you may need to replace your battery. Refer to battery installation guide if battery does not charge or does not last as long as usual.

The screen has stopped functioning

If the phone seems to be operational but the screen is not displaying anything, refer to the screen replacement guide.

The phone's logic board needs replacement

If none of the other solutions work, the phone may need a new motherboard. Refer to the motherboard installation guide.

The keyboard is not responsive

Use these solutions if the phone is working, but the keyboard is incorrectly registering key presses or not registering them at all.

There is a software error

If the phone’s keyboard seems to work, but does not register the correct key presses, the keyboard may have been altered through the phone’s software. Refer to the software guide available online to return the phone to its default settings.

The keyboard is dirty or broken

If the keyboard is still unresponsive after a software reset, or the keys do not work at all, refer to the keyboard repair guide to solve the hardware problem.

The screen is not working correctly

Use these solutions if your phone is functioning correctly but the screen is not functioning as it should.

The screen is cracked

The LCD screen may be cracked from impact. Refer to the screen installation guide.

There are unresponsive pixels on the screen

If the phone has pixel(s) that don't seem to be functional, refer to the screen installation guide.

The trackball is not functioning or is imprecise

The trackball is the small ball on the front of the device that is used to make selections by rolling it. It can become unresponsive or wear out over time.

The trackball is dirty or broken

If the track ball is unresponsive or sticks in certain spots, dust or dirt may have gotten underneath the ball. Refer to the track ball installation guide to clean or replace the trackball.

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