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Problem: Error codes 26 or 42 after turning on too many heating elements.

Potential issue: Damaged electronic board

Specific case: Error code 42 after turning on more than 3 elements, then already after 2, 1 until none of the cooking element could be turned on, over a period of a few weeks.

Root cause: Dying/blown electrolytic capacitor on the main electronics board.


  1. Turn off power (circuit breaker) - caution high voltage inside the cooktop
  2. Lift the cooktop out of the hole in the countertop and slide it on a flat surface
  3. Remove all screws around the metal housing using a torx screwdriver
  4. Carefully tilt the glass top out of the housing on the front, noting that there are electrical connections in the rear, and place the rear end of the glass on a stable surface. You may need someone's assistance here.
  5. After double-checking that there is no power, record the color coding of the four wires connected to the glass assembly (green for ground, white, black, red from left to right)
  6. Next open the black plastic cover by removing four Torx screws.
  7. Carefully remove from the connector on the left the the plastic strip connecting to the display board.
  8. Carefully remove the circuit board with relays and capacitors that is held in place by plastic tabs.
  9. If one of the capacitors is bulging out or showing sings of damage on top, replacing it may fix the appliance. De-soldering a bad capacitor requires some tools and skill. Replace the capacitor with at least the same capacity, voltage and use high-temp. 105C version) Alternatively, instead of replacing a $2 component you will have to replace the entire board.
  10. Reassemble and done.
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Great fix. Fixed my cooktop for $4 in parts plus $12 for the soldering iron.

My same model cooktop showed similar symptoms, except like Capt Kirk fading from one universe to the next, it appears my (flux) capacitors were fading in and out of the working universe. Both my 470 microF capacitors were bulged and very slightly leaked.

Circuit board work is not my strong suit - I can sweat pipe, but those tiny connections with heat sensitive components are hard. Nevertheless I managed to get the old ones out and put two new ones in.

I'm not sure who I'm thanking, but Thanks!

Richard Skeirik - Antwort

Being the unknowing person that I am where did you find the caps? bonitajay@comcast.net

Jay Wilker -

Really appreciate the tip. Ordered 2 caps (even though only one was bulging, I replaced both) of same dimensions. Replacements came and were 5MM shorter than represented, but same specs so hope they work for the long term. The replacement complete circuit board module is about $400 I was told. Thanks again - am now going to do the same with a motherboard in my tower that failed with 4 fat caps!

J. Walters

jim walters - Antwort

Excellent advice, worked out perfectly. I changed all the electrolytics on the board, took a while to source the parts (due to the clearances required) but figured they will all split sometime down the road. Had to settle for the 105C components but hopefully they will work out.

Thanks again.

Happy cooking!

Les - Antwort

Thank you so much!!! Appliance store said nothing they could do to fix cook top. So, we were ready to replace circuit board for ($ 500.00) or buy new cook top ($ 1,000.00) when we decided to try to replace the capacitors. We couldn't find the parts (capacitors) locally so we order them on Amazon. So far so good worked perfectly! Again thank you so much!

:) Happy Cook!!!!

Dee - Antwort

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