Canon Powershot SD750 Troubleshooting

The Canon PowerShot SD750 has a 3 inch diagonal LCD screen and is 3.6 inches wide. Features of this camera include face detection technology, Automatic Exposure modes, 7.1 megapixels, and a 3x optical zoom lens.

Note: This troubleshooting page covers problems related to the Canon PowerShot SD750 only.

Camera won't turn on ¶ 

Your camera will not start up.

Battery is dead ¶ 

Charge your battery for three hours. If your camera will not turn on and the power light does not illuminate, your battery is compromised and needs to be replaced. Follow the repair guide How to replace the battery.

Main board has shorted ¶ 

If you are certain that your battery has a charge and the camera and power light still does not turn on, your main board may be malfunctioning. Follow the repair guide How to replace the main board.

LCD screen is black ¶ 

LCD screen is not operating.

LCD back light is burnt out ¶ 

If your camera turns on and the power light is lit, but the LCD appears to be off, your LCD is likely burnt out and needs to be replaced. Follow the repair guide How to replace the LCD.

Bad connection from main board to LCD ¶ 

If the red LED on the top of the camera is lit, but you are not getting any response from the LCD, the main board connection is likely faulty. Follow the repair guide How to repair the connection between the LCD and mainboard.

LCD screen is physically damaged ¶ 

If you experience black spots, color augmentations, or random flickering, but the LCD is lit, your screen probably sustained critical damage.

Lens will not extend or retract ¶ 

Lens malfunction

Gears are broken/jammed ¶ 

If you notice that the lens is attempting to move, but the movement is limited beyond its normal capabilities, the gears operating the lens motor may be jammed or broken and need to be reset, repaired, or replaced.

Motor is dead ¶ 

If the lens does not move when the camera is turned on, the motor is likely to be damaged. Verify proper operation by using the zoom button. If the lens does not respond, then it's motor is possibly dead.

No light from flash ¶ 

Flash will not flash

Fuse is burnt out ¶ 

The indicator LED will illuminate, signalling that the camera is preparing to flash; however, no flash will occur. If this is the case, replace the flash.

None of the above ¶ 

Nothing above matches your problem, or you've tried a solution suggested above, but it didn't help.

If none of the step above solve the problem, the resulting effect is due to a malfunction of the main board. The main board is very complex and can result in many different problems. If you have replaced other components such as the battery, LCD screen, or lens mechanism, it is likely that the main board is the resulting problem and needs to be replaced.

Lens will not extend when camera is turned on; screen first shows Cannon logo while green light flashes, then a beeping sound, then screen indicates: "lens error, restart camera". After this, the camera shuts off.

billeigh - Antwort

Camera shuts off as soon as I hook it up to my computer to download photos.

Pam - Antwort

Camera shuts off as soon as I hook it up to my computer to download photos. Have tried it on two computers. Would appreciate any help I an get.

Pam - Antwort

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