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LCD will not turn on

I've powered on my camera, but my display remains blank.

Broken/Cracked display

First, make sure that your LCD is clean. Using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen to remove any oil or dust that may be obscuring the image.

If your LCD still has cracks, lines, black spots, or will not turn on at all, it may be broken and in need of replacement. Check out our LCD replacement guide for help on replacing.

Poor Image Quality

My photos/videos are grainy or distorted; visible cracks can be seen in my photos.

Camera is not in focus

Focusing in on your subject will improve picture and video quality. If the camera is zoomed in too much, the picture quality will decrease. Use the zoom slider located on top of the camera (it's marked "W - T") to zoom in or out until your subject is in better focus. You may want to move the camera itself closer or farther from the subject as well.

You can also tap on the LCD touchscreen display to digitally focus on a certain part of the subject.

Lens is dirty or obstructed

First, make sure your lens cover is open! The cover protects the lens and needs to be opened before using the camera. If looking into the camera lens, you will see the lens cover switch on the left side. Make sure the tab is flipped down.

Dirt and oil can also build up on your lens and negatively affect picture quality. Regular lens cleaning is imperative to maintaining image quality. Open the lens cover and gently wipe down the lens with a microfibre cloth.

Lens is cracked or scratched

If the lens is cracked or scratched, you will want to replace it. This guide will help you do so.

Camera will not turn on

My camera will not power on or hold a charge.

Dead Battery

Plug the camera into the computer. If the camera works while plugged in but turns off when disconnected, the battery may be faulty. Locate the battery release tab on the bottom of the camera. Slide the tab in and release the battery to inspect for any visible damage or acid leak. If no external damage can be found, you may need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement battery. You can see how to remove the battery pack here.

Unresponsive Power Button

Hold down the red power button to turn on your camera. If your camera fails to respond, it is possible that the power button is stuck or faulty. The button itself can be cleaned or replaced as shown in this guide.

Camera does not emit sound during video playback

My audio playback is distorted or nonexistent.

Broken Audio Jack

If the video does not play back sound when headphones are plugged in, the audio jack may be faulty. Try listening to your footage through the camera's internal speaker or uploading your video to a computer to listen through another device.

Broken Mic

There is a small microphone built into the front of the camera beneath the lens. If the video does not play back sound at all or if the audio is of particularly low quality, this internal microphone may need to be replaced. Check out this guide on how to do so.

Broken Speaker

If the video only plays back sound with headphones or when watching footage on another device, the internal speaker may need to be replaced. We show you how to replace the speaker in this guide.

How do I check to determine if the external mic jack is working?

David Webb - Antwort

How can I test the external mic jack on an HF R600 camcorder to determine if it is working properly?

David Webb - Antwort

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