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Coolpix S01 Troubleshooting

No matter what you do, the camera screen is still black.

Make sure the camera is on and has enough battery. If the problem is still not fixed you may have to replace the screen.

=== No Flash===

Taking a picture and your flash is not working

Check your camera settings to ensure you have the flash enabled.

===Jammed on/off Button ===

Applying pressure to the on/off button you do not feel the button move up nor down.

You could have a jammed on/off button, check to make sure nothing is possibly stuck in the crevice of the button. If nothing is there you may have to open the camera to fix the jammed button.

You move the zoom trigger and it either doesn't move or it does not zoom.

When using the zoom trigger it should move in a back and forth motion, if not check to see if there are any crumbs or dirt making it difficult for the trigger to move.

There is no power in the camera after charging for a period of time.

This may mean you have battery malfunctions and the battery needs to be replace.

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