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Creative Zen Vision M Troubleshooting

Released December 2005, digital audio player of 60 GB capacity, built-in recordable FM radio tuner.

You cannot use your device because the screen is damaged.

If your Creative Zen Vision M screen keeps freezing, try pushing the reset button. The reset button is located at the bottom next to the power charger. The button is very small you will need a paper clip or needle to push the reset button.

Because it is a hardware issue not software, a white screen cannot be repair and must be replaced. Luckily, changing the screen of the Creative Zen Vision M is a very easy thing to do and can be do at home.

If the screen is damaged from a fall or being stepped on then it should be replaced.

Device won't turn on after spending time connected to charger.

Ensure that the charging cord is plugged in to a valid power source such as a wall outlet or computer USB port. If you are unsure whether the power source is valid or not, the source can be tested. The outlet can be tested with a device with a plug in that is known to be in working order; a nightlight or corded appliance could be used. The computer must be charged itself to be able to charge the device.

If the power source is valid then the cord could be the problem. Check the cord for damage such as exposed wires. If any damage is found then the cord should be replaced

If the power source and the charging cord are working and are plugged in correctly then the battery is faulty and should be replaced.

Your device hard drive is defective or dead

Formatting your Creative Zen Vision may help you avoiding all issues with your hard drive . If you have already formatted it once, try to reformatting it again.

The creative Zen Vision M comes with a synchronizing, exploring software. Replacing the hard drive is the best solution .

You have trouble starting, playing, or finishing content on your Creative Zen.

The Creative Zen Vision only supports the WMV file format at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. If you are attempting to play movie files of a different file format or larger file size than the specifications listed above this is likely the issue. You may have to re-save the file at a lower resolution or compress the file into a smaller file size. If you are still experiencing issues after converting to a WMV file, try ensuring that your file is less than 1 GB. Also attempt updating your CZV to the newest Firmwire update, found on their website: support.creative.com. The newest Firmwire update is Firmware 1.62.02.

Remember, the Creative Zen Vision only supports the WMV file format at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Try converting your non-WMV files to a WMV file. You can convert other file types into the WMV file format using free video converter websites such as Zamzar or through a web search. If this does not fix the issues you are experiencing, be sure the CZV cord is working properly with your computer; if no information about the CZV is loading on your computer then you should purchase a new cord at an online retailer.

You have trouble accessing and recovering any content from the CZV’s hard drive.

This will need to be done through your computer. Ensure that your CZV is plugged into your computer’s USB port with the proper cord. If no information loads on your computer this means the cord is faulty and you will need to purchase a new one from an online retailer. Further instructions summarized from the Creative manufacturer’s website at support.creative.com. Once your CZV is properly plugged into your computer you will need to find the CZV file on your computer. You can do this by searching “creative zen vision” via a search box designed to access the contents and information stored on your computer’s hard drive. On Apple MacBooks, this is the “Finder” button. On Microsoft Windows this will be a “My Computer” button. The remainder of these instructions are specific to Microsoft Windows but can be modified to reformat the CZV on other devices. After double-clicking “My Computer” you should right-click Removable Disc, select Format, then choose FAT 16 or 32. To begin the process of formatting click on the Start tab and close the window when it is done.

when i connect my device i can see only the docked symbol

Prathiksha Madhan Kumar - Antwort

I replaced my battery and the blue light turns on but not the screen. It starts to get really hot. I thought it was the hard drive but its where the copper plate is tgat is getting hot. Whats the problem. Help.

Angelo - Antwort

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