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Troubleshooting FAQ

This could be because your battery has died.

The DOPO m975 has a rechargable battery inside it, and a charging port on the outside. Try plugging your tablet into the charger, waiting a few minutes, and trying again.

Sometimes tablets slow down, freeze and need to be reset.

The fastest way to reset a M975 is by simultaneously depressing the power button and the home button for about 10 seconds. Once an Android screen appears, use the volume up/down buttons and select "factory reset", then depress the power button to select.

Touch screens for various devices need to be recalibrated.

Make sure that your tablet's touch screen sensors are properly calibrated. Go to settings --> Accessibility --> Touch Panel Calibration to recalibrate.

If this still doesn't help, see question 4 for directions on resetting your tablet, because your tablet will be automatically re-calibrated upon restart.

Factory resets can sometimes wipe a tablet. If your data is not backed up, see below.

Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds to force the tablet to shut down.

Buttons can come loose/unhinged on the inside of the device

  1. Try taking a needle and inserting it under the lock button itself to unstick it.

# If this does not work, unscrew the tablet and separate the back of the tablet from the front/screen. Then, adjust the position of the lock button itself with tweezers. Screw the tablet back together.

Chargers can break from time to time, but before you run out and get a new charger - the charger port might be compromised.

There could be dust in the charging port. With a can of aerosol dust spray, spray it into the charging port, to clean it out.

If this does not work, the wires in your charger may be starting to come loose. Adjust the position of the charger in the port, and try again!

If all else fails, order a new charger from here

I am locked out of my computer my android virus. how can I fix

musicben75 - Antwort

Have done at least 5 factory resets and it still says in one place that my internal memory is full and in another place only about 1/8 full. All I want this for is to load library books and now my Overdrive app is gone and it was before the first reset.

heckle jeckle - Antwort

I have tried charging my tablet. The blue light comes on and everything but I'm still not coming on. What can I do now.

Angel Stanfill - Antwort

Did you ever figure it out Angel?

Essy Nilson -

my tablet is charging because the little blue light is on but it won't turn on i don't know what to do.

Essy Nilson - Antwort

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