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Device does not respond when powered on

Attach the device to the charge dock and wait for the charging indicator to illuminate. Allow the device to fully charge and then attempt to turn the device on.

Inspect the cord for any damage. Be sure the docking station is plugged into an outlet that is working. If the charging light indicator does not light up, the charging dock may be the problem. Locate another charging station and then attempt to charge your device.

If the device has been charged for the recommended time and the device still does not power on, a faulty battery could be to blame. This models battery can be easily replaced.

The device may not turn on if the power button is unreliable, broken or dirty. See below for further information on unresponsive buttons.

Device audio does not perform to the standard expected

Be sure the mute button on the device is not engaged. Also, inspect the headphones to determine that the headphones are not muting your devices audio.

Inspect your headphones for any damage. Frayed headphones can cause distorted sound as well sound failure. The auxiliary input of your headphones may be broken or damaged. Locate another set of headphones and plug them into the device. If the problem persists, the device is most likely the cause.

Distorted audio can be caused by a defective headphone jack. After it has been determined that the headphones are not defective, inspect the headphone jack for damage or dirt. Headphones should click into the headphone jack and it may need to be replaced.

If the device is powered and the screen is black

If the screen is black and it seems that the device is on, power the device off and then back on. If the device does not power up, charge it for the recommended time. A low battery can shut down the screen and the device could still exhibit characteristics of being on.

If it has been determined that the battery has a charge and the screen is still black, a reboot may be needed. There is a small hole on the bottom of the device. Simply place a thin object (ex. tip of a pen) and hold it for 5 seconds. When the device starts up, the screen will display the Dell logo.

If the display exhibits lines or dark spots, the device display may be damaged. If it is determined the devices display needs to be replaced, follow the procedure closely to make this repair.

The motherboard may be defective if the device fails to reboot or if the device gets hot and functions slowly. If the device displays these symptoms along with the screen going black, the motherboard may be the issue.

Darkened screen may indicate a faulty connection, damaged display, and/or build up of dirt and grime

The device screen may have a build up of dirt and grime which needs to be cleaned. Avoid household cleaners when cleaning your device screen. Chemicals like alcohol and ammonia based cleaners can further damage your device. Do not apply fluid on the display of your device, and refrain from using paper towels and rags. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and distilled water to gently remove dirt and grime.

If the device screen intermittently brightens and goes dark again, the screen may be faulty. Dark lines that streak across the device is another symptom of a faulty display. If it is determined that the device screen is faulty, follow the directions closely on how to repair or replace the device display.

A loose connection to the motherboard can cause a dark screen and/or lines on the display of the device. If it is determined that the motherboard is the cause of the display issues, simply follow the directions to inspect and repair the connection that originates from the motherboard.

When buttons simply do not work or buttons stick, pop, or stay pushed in

Buttons can collect dirt and grime from normal wear and tear. Carefully clean the device with a dry cloth and compressed air. If the buttons still do not work, the device needs to be taken apart and inspected. Now a determination can be made on whether the device is defective or just needs a cleaning.

When it has been determined that the buttons are faulty, simply replace them. This replacement takes around 10 minutes and replacement parts can be found online. Follow instructions carefully.

Cracked buttons can be a hazard and will need to be replaced. Follow close instructions as to how you can safely removed and replace cracked buttons.

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