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Dell Inspiron 11-3147 Troubleshooting

The machine powers on, but does not load Microsoft Windows

Repeatedly press the F5 key while the machine is powering on. If the machine boots into “Safe Mode” the hard drive does not need to be replaced, but the software may need to be repaired.

Use this guide to replace your hard drive.

Check the error code displayed. If the display shows “Operating System Not Found” verify or replace the hard drive.

The clock's time is not correct

Assure your timezone is set properly

The CMOS battery is a small button or “watch” battery that keeps power to the internal clock. When this battery dies the machine will not keep accurate time. Consider replacing this battery. Follow this guide to replace your CMOS battery.

The battery will not hold a charge

Run the computer with the ac adapter in. If computers runs without issue the AC adapter and charging mechanisms are working.

If the battery fails to hold a charge with a working ac adapter, replace the battery. Use this guide to replace the battery.

The connection to the internet seems slow and obstructed

Bring the machine close to the wireless access point. If the problem persists, test the connection to the internet with another device or machine not connected though the wireless device or with a different wireless device.

The card may be faulty, consider replacing it. Use this guide to replace the Wireless card.

Software operates slowly, or slower than usual

Scan for issues using anti-virus software and install the latest Windows Updates.

Adding more RAM will increases the rate software can operate. Consider adding more RAM. Use this guide to reparable or add RAM.

I try to ignit the laptop but it doesn't ignit at all, I think there are an electronic fault in the ignition ciruit. I 'm sure the battery and charger are working the battery led lites, bu t in vain I push the bouton, nothing at all. can anybody help me what to do?

izzeddin Lhassan - Antwort

i have problem booting my laptop, dell inspiron 11 3000 series, d battery is inbuilt so i can't remove it..the lcd is blank nd d fan wouldn't start but it's charging

rosheeeda - Antwort

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