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Dell Inspiron 15-5552 Laptop Troubleshooting

Use this guide to help troubleshoot your Dell Inspiron 15-5552 Laptop.

Keyboard doesn’t respond to input

The keys on your keyboard do not respond or are broken/missing

Faulty Keyboard

If all of the keys on the keyboards do not respond, then the keyboard itself could be broken/faulty.

Keys are stuck

If the key cannot be pressed down or refuses to pop up into place, there could be an issue with the locking mechanism or an object could be holding it in place. To fix, remove the key. Follow these instructions to do so. (LINK)

Device will not boot up

The computer will turn on but nothing happens.

If the computer powers on but will not load anything. There is a possibility of a bad hard-drive in the computer. To fix, remove the back cover of the computer, after the cover is off replace the hard-drive. More detailed instructions are at this (LINK).

Computer crashes/ Frozen Screen

A possible reason for the computer to crash is because of a faulty RAM or an overfull RAM. The RAM maybe the problem. The ram is behind the bottom cover and the instructions to reach it and replace our at this (LINK).

Computer screen is blank/dark

Display is not showing anything when I turn on the computer

If the computer is running but not showing up on the display, you may have a bad display or the connection may have been disconnected. To check this use an HDMI cable to connect it to a T.V. If your computer display shows up on the T.V. then the display is the problem. To fix this refer to the display repair/replace guide (LINK).

Battery isn’t holding a charge

The battery on the computer will not hold a charge.

Faulty Battery

If the battery is faulty and does not hold a charge along with dying rapidly, there could be an issue with the battery. If this is the case remove the battery and replace it with a new one. Following these instructions to do so. (Link)

Faulty Charger

There could be a problem with the charger or charging port which is causing the battery to not get a proper charge. Be sure to check if charging cable has proper connection on both ends. Follow these instructions to do so. (LINK)

CD-Drive does not eject and seems to get stuck

"The CD-Drive refuses to open or does not read discs''

Faulty Drive Reader

If you insert a Disk into the CD-Drive and the disk doesn’t read or fails to eject then you may have a faulty reader. Begin by trying to reset the mechanism using a button on the reader. If this doesn't work then use a paperclip and hit the emergency eject button. At this point look for replacement CD-Drive mechanism and refer to the replacement guide. (LINK)

Worn Drive Mechanism

If the CD-Drive doesn't eject or the door gets caught on the casing of the computer the mechanism is worn and has become misaligned. Find new parts and replacement guide. (LINK).

Computer seems to slow down/ freeze over long periods of time

Not enough free hard drive space

One possible reason for a slow computer is that there is not enough space avaliable on the computer’s hard drive. This can be fixed by either deleting unneeded programs and clearing space on the hard drive, or by purchasing a larger hard drive and installing it into the computer. Follow the instructions at this (LINK).

Not enough RAM to perform the task

A slow computer can be due to having too little RAM for the tasks that the computer is performing. If the computer becomes slow when there are a lot of programs running in the background, it is likely that a RAM upgrade is needed. To install a RAM upgrade follow our guide. (LINK)

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